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Diaries of a Chauffeur 3

It’s Rodeo time in San Antonio and all of it reminds me the very first weeks behind a wheel driving professionally. Back in 2011 the city experienced a boom in commercial activities, conventions, events and much moore fun.

The dispatch computer on board of my Yellow Cab was a powerful tool for those familiarized with technology and as you all remember, I was at that time just a newcomer arriving from a dark/disconnected communist country.

Trained by the instructor I developed an strange ability to discern between “bad and short rides” from those lucrative contracted calls from Medicaid and Medicare accounts. These had a pattern that I could identify easily and my fingers were fast as my mind to click on the screen in milliseconds.

While others struggled with short and non profitable calls, I was harvesting the best this industry offered to me.

At every event, private parties, concerts and Spurs games I attended, my eyes made contact with these Black, extra clean Limousines and the proud drivers always on tie and suit relaxed waiting for their exclusive clients.

It triggered the animal survival instinct on me, knowing without experiencing it, that the Limousine service was pretty much lucrative and an activity reserved for the best. And I considered myself one of the best.

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