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Diaries of a Chauffeur

This is my first blog, and by doing this I want to thank all our beloved customers who have supported MM Transfers and still doing it. Many years have passed since I decided to jump in the Transportation Industry. It was back in 2011 when I was sat at home unemployed, recently arrived to US with many ideas in my mind, and no clue about Capitalism, Economics, and Freedom. Did I forget to say that I am originally from Cuba? As many of you well may know, I was born and raised in Cuba, away from luxury, fashion, technology, internet, open debates and many other things but very close to those innate senses of honesty that humans carry with. Everything I know about executive Transportation I have learned it here in US during all this years, driving a cab during long day and night shifts, facing freezing temperatures during winter and burning sun during summers, and desperate prayings to get the ride that would save my day and some decent amount of money to take home. Always trying to be the best cab driver in the entire lot, keeping myself focused in customer services, good driving practices and professionalism. 

Now everything is different, get on board and let’s ride through the time....

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